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Description: Potatoes

 Our start was setting up on the green for the 1st Annual Town Wide Tag Sale in Cavendish , Vermont in July 2011 . We gave away a mix of Mum's extra  items and stuff of ours .

90 % went to be used and enjoyed by others . Merriment , and some wonder at what we were doing .

We have continued at the Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale in 2012 and 2013.

In October I enjoyed sending along about 60 % of what we set up with at Todd Farm , a flea market in Rowley , Massachusetts.

at Rietta " Ranch " a flea market in Hubbardston , Massachusetts .
about 50% moved on .

on May 13th 2012 set up in an artist's driveway during Cambridge Open Studios in Massachusetts .  a lot moved on to used , or looked at .  A boy with his family took a 1950's Roman Catholic clock for the home , to take apart to see how it works              (2013 too).

good timing on May 28th filled the pickup bed with roadside laid old timer tools , parts , and a lot of nails , many in their as sold packaging . following Memorial Day services , I tarped the load . Up on the 29th , drove to Cavendish , setting up in front of a long closed filling station . A woman considered a hand tool , a young girl took home a small watering can . A few men took away a lot ,  most I sensed only what they considered useful in the present . the rain held off ~ I did meet heavy rain with some hale in Bellows Falls . Had well less than half  of what I started with .    Good day meeting people .

In September 2012 and 2013, we set up at the Southeastern Vermont Community Action's annual flea market on their grounds in Westminster.

September 20th, 2013 we set up at the Bellows Falls Farmer Market. We had cookware , baking pans , muffin tins , buttons , cookbooks , and domestic goods